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To My Dear Supporters:

Wow, I just wanted to take the time out now, to thank each and every one of you that came out to support me for the debut of The Rebirth of Rena’. I truly am so grateful for all the love, well wishes, hugs, tears, laughter, words of encouragement but most of all, your prayers.

As I embark on this new journey in my life – although it’s my story I’m telling, it’s not about me, but for others to find their way. I pray my story and my testimony will continue to inspire the masses. Special thanks to my parents, my loving sisters, and my dear children. Also special thanks to a friend, sister, and my agent, Natasha David-Walker for seeing something in me and waiting till I was ready to let go and let GOD.

Remember to take the negative chatter out of your head and move into your greatness. Loose the Lion within and begin to ROOOOAAAARRR…Let’s give the enemy a massive migraine! Be GREAT, DREAM BIGGER. And LOVE YOU.



Re-Birth DVD Cover

The Re-Birth of Rena’ DVD is the signature debut for our campaign to combat the discrimination and marginalization of black women living with the HIV virus. We appreciate your support!

On behalf of Living Light and TEAM RENA, we are grateful for the support of community stakeholders, family, and friends who came out for the debut of our film. We know you understand the necessity of NOW! The documentary/film Re-Birth of Rena’ is BRAVE and BOLD. As we launch our campaign we pray for your continued support and prayers! Stay tuned for announcements and tour dates!

Rebirth of Rena Flyer

June 27th 2015 is National HIV Testing Day! Are you positive, you’re NOT Positive?

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