Motivational Messenger Natasha David-Walker B. S., M. A.

Natasha Speaking
Natasha David-Walker is a native Atlantan who returns to the city after studying at Oakwood College and Columbus State University, where she earned a degree in General Studies with a concentration in Biology. She also holds a Master’s degree in English.

After receiving her B.S. degree she decided to pursue a Masters in English in Professional Writing at the University of Memphis (U of M). While a student at the U of M, Natasha was hired by a non-profit community-based organization, the South Memphis Alliance (SMA), as both the Director of Public Relations and HIV Coordinator. As the Director of P.R. she successfully established the presence of SMA as an on the ground force with the Memphis City Council, State Representatives and members of Congress by working as a community advocate. She also managed press/media releases as a community liaison. During her tenure and in her work as HIV Coordinator, Natasha promoted HIV/AIDS awareness and initiated an organization in the youth correction facility called, Positive Brothers on a Mission.

Working in the community garnered Natasha much respect and visibility, as a result she launched two businesses, Editorial Solutions, a freelance writing service and Public Relations business; and Living Light Ministries, now Living Light Ministries and Public Health-Health Education, a health and wellness educational non-profit organization. In 2004, she traveled to Zambia, Africa with the National Association for the Prevention of Starvation (NAPS), as a Health Educator promoting HIV/AIDS awareness.

Through Living Light Ministries, Natasha was contracted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) through Memphis City Schools as a Health Educator. She also initiated the first HIV/AIDS education classes for youth at the Emmanuel Episcopal Center (EEC), a 15-year-old inner city after school program. Mrs. Walker was contracted for 5 years with EEC, until she returned to Atlanta in 2005.

After successfully motivating youth and adults through spiritual life lessons in health and daily living, God gave Natasha a special title for her ministry of speaking. She was not the typical motivational speaker, nor was she a lecturer, although she was gifted in both areas. To cover her unusual and God-given ability of speaking “life” into dead situations, the Lord anointed her with the title, Motivational Messenger. Similar to the call of John the Baptist who was the messenger of the Lord before his coming, Natasha’s cornerstone is a message of hope, with instruction in righteousness, that the man and woman of God may be perfect and thoroughly furnished unto all good works before the Second Coming of the Lord.

Married to Shawn Walker, they are the blessed parents of two children Keely-J. and Shawn Jr.

She is the former host of Talking To Tasha© an Internet based radio show, (link to look) Her first book, Sex And The Saints© is under revision and will be available in 2014, online at

Sex And The Saints is a compilation of testimonials penned by people in the church detailing their struggles and victories as it relates to sexual issues. Mrs. Walker hopes that an open dialogue in the church about sexual issues will help raise awareness and reduce barriers in the fight against HIV/AIDS. For details about ordering a copy of the book and/or speaking engagements, visit