Heart Of LLM

Our company was formed in the heart of the President and Founder, Natasha David-Walker, who knew at an early age, before HIV/AIDS became a global crisis that it would be.

In her high school yearbook (1988) secret ambition column, she cites “curing AIDS.” Natasha was only 18 and AIDS was barely 8. The most accurately documented cases of AIDS beginning in the early 1980’s. It was her commitment to the eradication of AIDS through education that led her to pursue college coursework in the biological sciences, followed by the completion of a Master’s in English/Professional Writing in order to utilize words as a means of expressing the impending epidemic. Most recently she was accepted and is pursuing a Master’s in Public Health program.

Through dramatic works and dynamic motivational speaking, Natasha has been able to reach youth and adults with the message of abstinence, and health and wellness in both religious and secular environments with her uniquely developed program.

Over the years Natasha served in various health related occupations with the University of Alabama Department of Infectious Disease, where studies were conducted on STD susceptibility; as a Health Educator through a grant funded by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Memphis City Schools; and as an HIV Coordinator and Director of Public Relations in non-profit, community-based settings.

But it was during her 4 years of voluntary teaching and mentoring at the Shelby Training Center, a youth detention center for males, and working as an inner city community activist and organizer, where Natasha realized how to best intertwine her gift of speaking with her desire to motivate and educate young people concerning HIV/AIDS and in 2001, the Living Light Ministries program was initiated.

The Living Light HIV/AIDS awareness program, has been implemented  in after school programs, traditional and private schools, and churches throughout the south.  Our primary office is located approximately 1 hour north of downtown Atlanta.

In addition to her service in the United States, Mrs. Walker has traveled to Africa promoting HIV/AIDS awareness;  establishing Living Light and ph-Health Education as a local, national, and international agency for change.

For speaking engagements, youth events, seminars, and workshops, please contact: Ms. Kai Lawrence at 334-737-9726.

Office Information:

Kai W. Lawrence, B. S. , M.A., Ed. D., Director of Public Relations/Scheduling

Living Light Ministries/Office Phone: 706-905-6521

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