Why I Love My Gay Babies…But Still Have Aught Against Them

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AIDS RIBBONYes, this is the follow up article/rambling/post/blog to the prior musings sub-titled, Bruthah’s in Sheep’s (Wolves) clothing. Peradventure someone thinks I am bashing. I need to clear a few things up with my Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender (LGBT), community but before I do there are a few things I have against you:

(1) Just because I do not agree with you, vote with you, or march with you, doesn’t mean I HATE you, gay babies. Answer: I have my opinion and you have yours. Respect mine and I will respect yours. However, I will not in good conscience roll with you on behalf of civil rights. There are people in the world dying of hunger, people suffering heavily due to their ethnicity, class, and the color of their skin (still) and people dying of AIDS…your right to have a civil union or to openly, practice homosexuality, or lesbianism in the military is not my battle.

(2) Stop making everyone who does not believe as you do into the devil himself. This is selfishness to think that your agenda is “The only agenda.” My God, blacks have been fighting for the right to fair and humane treatment for well over 400 years. Get in line…better yet, use some of your influence to help black folks…when was the last time the GLBT community organized a nationwide march, sit in, or boycott for blacks. Yeah that’s what I thought.

(3) For once and for all, GAY IS NOT THE NEW BLACK! I am who I am before I open my mouth, wag my butt, flip my wrist, or sashay across the room – you can tone it down and cover all that up. I cannot cover black. Black doesn’t crack, wash off, nor is it easily disguised. I cannot be black in the closet or black on the “down low.”  Here’s a litmus test. If you can fool some of the people even some of the time, you are probably not black. I have never fooled anybody, ever. I’m really black and I resent you for attempting to similarly situate yourself under the SAME banner which my forefathers and mothers died brutal deaths.

(4) Lastly, but certainly not least, stop trying to dismantle or make the scriptures fit your desire for one another. You do not need to justify your earthly, sensual, feelings for one another by defaming, condemning, or misconstruing the Bible. Sodom and Gomorrah was not an allegory, stop wresting the scriptures to your own destruction. It’s better to be hot or cold, so stop with the tepid, middle of the road pretense of Christianity in new garb. Christians follow Christ and Christ was the son of God who was with God and in God reconciling the world to himself and with Him in creation and before creation. That being said, both the Old Testament and the New Testament (scriptures that testify of Him) condemn homosexuality as sin and an abomination. Feel free to start up a new religion where the Bible is not your guidepost, since you have all but torn it up, inside out and rendered something more like a New Age Renaissance version of Pompeii. The Bible does not fit your lifestyle, gay babies. I know the Bible is teeming over with wonderful words of comfort and has the power to soothe the sin sick soul, but only if you accept it as the Word of God – you know, take the bitter with the sweet.  It also condemns liars, adulterers, thieves, and the other whoremongers I don’t feel like talking about today. I cannot imagine that anyone would tamper with God’s Word who believes there is a God. The Bible is God’s Holy Word and the Holy Spirit moved upon holy men as they wrote. LEAVE IT ALONE. I would much more respect you for starting your own religion, and creating your own dogmas and having your own book of rules or commandments, than messing with mine. I will not accept homosexuality as righteous no matter how convoluted your interpretation, so give it up. Remember true Christians are willing to die for their beliefs, and many were cast into lions’ dens, burned at the stake and one most notably Christ Jesus, was crucified. Are you really, that interested in claiming the Bible in defense of immorality, and would you die to make your point?  I think not.

Love My Gay Babies

Now on to why I love you. Unlike the down low, low down brothuh’s, you are out of the closet, open about who you are, honest about what you do, and would never approach me and my brother too. I NEED you to stay in your lane, not cross over, not play both sides against the middle and never, sleep with women and men – especially if the woman does not know you are doing so. This I find to be sinister indeed, that a man should have a man and have a woman and the joke is on her. So be as bad as you wanna be…God allows us to make choices, just don’t take mine away from me!

Gay babies, it’s hard for me to listen to the stories I have heard about your sexual history, and remain silent. You see, I have secretly, although unscientifically polled my friends and people I have met in passing who are gay or lesbian, and wonder of wonders over 90% of you site your first sexual experience as abusive, molestation, incestuous, or rape but rarely a consensual sexual relationship – that would be difficult since many of you were coerced as children. Which leads me to wonder, what if you had never been abused, molested, or raped? What if your first experience had been with someone of the opposite sex and it was consensual, and gentle, and did not leave you feeling ashamed and confused as you related to me. I wonder how many of you with credibility would agree with the jack-legged scientists, who diminish your same gender loving self as born gay. Really? My post title “Gay Babies” is a term of endearment…there are no gay babies. Born gay? Your first sexual experience was abusive, molestation, incestuous, or rape, but you were born gay. I must admit, it’s easier to claim gay than turned out.

To say some of my best friends are gay, or were gay, or are struggling with being gay, is not a tall tale. I have been treated like the Queen (no pun intended) I am by my gay male friends and in my single years, would much rather go out on a date with them (when they are not prowling) than some other brothuh’s. I’m sure this is baffling, and difficult to reconcile but I can clear up the apparent dichotomy, since I am a most avowed Christian. I never felt judged, around my gay male friends, (although some of you can be a little mirror seduced, arrogant, and more superficial compared to my girlfriends). I always felt free to be exactly who I was around you. Talkative, free-spirited, and unpretentious, and there was never any confusion about who would pay, we alternated, or they would pay for me without asking. It was a totally unfettered relationship, and of course most of all, NOTHING was expected at the end of the night except the promise that we would do it all again and soon!

If you are reading this letter and you have “gaydar” (as I do) then use it wisely. God has “gifted,” you with the intrinsic ability to see the beauty in those who seek male-male relationships and/or female-female relationships. You also have the ability to see the spirits that are warring there. Tread softly. The enemy does not want you to disturb what lies beneath. For every vice, there is a spirit, and those spirits have existed for centuries before you were born, therefore, only the anointing has power to break this yoke. I have met a coupling of two very different homosexual spirits, one hostile the other hostage. One hateful, the other helpless. The hateful, hostile spirit needs the love that God has imbued within us as well as the hostage, helpless spirit. The ability to see the warring soul is just the beginning of the possession of the anointing. The ability to bring deliverance is when the anointing has possession of you. Most importantly, never forget, if you truly have the ability to see into a wounded, warring soul, you have the spiritual gift of discernment. Discernment allows you to see where the pain was initiated at the first point of contact, the corruption of spirit. We typically condemn it as defiling, an abomination. But this should move us to compassion, not hatred, when we look out on the multitude, and see that there are MANY inside those warring, wounded souls…Legion he called himself, “for we are many.”

27 Replies to "Why I Love My Gay Babies…But Still Have Aught Against Them"


reidklos  on December 1, 2010

Okay, *laughs* I feel you. It’s funny since most would consider me a “gay baby” I have had many of the same thoughts as you concerning the LGBT community. I never believed in gay marriage, gay rights, or being born gay. As time has passed and God has helped me deal with my, if you will, initiation into the gay lifestyle, He has taught me that being born gay is definitely a possibility. It’s a very feasible possibility because homosexuality is a sin and we are born into iniquity and shaped in sin. Here’s the catch: that doesn’t mean a thing! The sinful bent no more gives the gay the right to continue in or promote tolerance to her life than it gives the liar to continue in or promote tolerance to his life. All of us, homo- & hetero-, love to scream sin is sin. Well, that being the case, if Jesus saves from, delivers from, redeems from sin, and homosexuality is a sin just as is adultery, then He should be able to save, deliver, and redeem the gay/lesbian from homosexuality, right? Please, someone, anyone, correct my error of thinking.

Your reference to the LGBT community starting their own religion instead of twisting sacred writ is classic. I love the thought. Unfortunately, we both know that isn’t happening. That would mean the bigot, the racist, the greedy, and the mute dog would have to start their own as well. In essence though, Natasha, they are starting their own religion. Just as the Jews distorted what was entrusted to them and Jesus had to set things back in order, so the world will stray (is straying) again. This time when Jesus comes back to set things in order He will be coming to take the righteous, the redeemed, the just, the faithful, the lovers of God home with Him.

A note to my fellow gay babies: As I’ve drawn closer to the Lord and stopped hating myself for the sinful bent that I was dealt, He has shown me that the answer to our sin, all sin, is His healing balm. For some the healing was seemingly overnight. For others, like me, it is quite a journey. But as my heavenly Father delivers me from things that I never thought would be gone; as He heals me from the anger, bitterness, guilt, shame, worthlessness; as He shines His glory into my life and teaches me His ways of righteousness I am learning a very important lesson. I’m going to borrow words from my buddy Ja’Son O’Rourke: the deliverance from same-sex attraction doesn’t come from orientating the gay/lesbian to the opposite sex; it isn’t about sexual orientation. It is about God orientation. The homosexual needs to be oriented to the Almighty One, the Ancient of Days, the Most High God, I AM. Fellow gay baby, we find ourselves when we align ourselves with the one who created us instead of trying to align Him to our sinful life.

That actually goes for every sinner. We are not alone in this battle against our sinful selves. God is victorious!

Natasha, thanks for hitting us between the eyes. Though every homosexual isn’t pushing the Gay Agenda as it is called, deep down we do embrace some of the beliefs just because we want the love we see everyone else seemingly receiving. Thanks for the compliments as well. But on behalf of my straight brothers who are gentlemen, too, the gay babies can’t take all the credit. Good guys don’t finish last, baby!


Founder  on December 1, 2010

…You are the brave one that I love…This is for my real brother’s. You are open and honest and because you are MAN enough to admit sin, confess sin, and TURN from sin, the Almighty, the Ancient of Days the One Who Sits In The Sides Of The North has granted your request to be made whole. I know that some will find this post inappropriate, others will find it harsh, but I’ve learned that the things that rub against us, sharpen us as iron sharpeneth iron…Use the SWORD as your defense, you have carried it well over the years, (under the arm, in the bag, in the window of the car – my gay baby friends), now pull it out…time to slay demons!


Joe Mama  on December 3, 2010

I have respect for your opinion but you’re wrong about a few things, and flat out insulting in some of your words.

Equating being LGBT to the stereotypes of swishing and limp wrists is plain bigotry. And BEING gay can’t be changed, and just because some may be able to hide it does not mean someone should have to, to live a simple decent life. It is that kind of hiding and deception that leads LGBT people to be unhappy and possibly mentally unhealthy.

And btw, the LGBT community has fought for the black community, and you will find many of the people working hard for equality for all are “Gay Babies.” And it is the Gay community who have reached out to other minority groups to fight AIDS when those communties burried their heads.

And you may not think the LGBT community is suffering enough to be a priority, but the parents of teenagers who kill themselves from bullying, the survivor of a passed partner turned out of his home by bigoted relatives, and the men and women bashed in the streets may feel otherwise.

Civil rights are civil rights, this isn’t a contest. Peace and love to you as you grow and hopefully learn.


Founder  on December 3, 2010

I appreciate your response, Joe Mama, please don’t be insulted by my caricature in simple but stereotypical description, I realize there are all types of LBGT characters and some of you are very much so not “over the top.” I stand duly censured. On the other hand, I watch Housewives of Atlanta, have associated very heavily with the LGBT community through my line of work and of my own volition socially (not work related), and I am simply reporting what I have witnessed and as usual I detect that same old tone of resentment and hostility.

Why is truth always typecast as bigotry…do you deny that some gay men are effeminate with a capital E?…as in Exaggerated!

I did not say the LGBT community had Never fought for the black community, (RIP Baynard Rustin). You missed the most obvious point I was making, which was that I categorically reject the notion that gay is the new black.

I notice you dared not go near the biblical stuff. Thank you. But since you were so kind to respond and we have the luxury of hidden walls of cyberspace, if you were born gay do you deny abuse in childhood or molestation? Do you ever feel at war with yourself in terms of orientation? I am heterosexual and I war with the flesh over things, it is a human issue, not a gay one.

Thank you for being brave and kind enough to discuss this sensitive subject. The church has a long way to go on developing relationships with the LGBT community, but it would sure help if the LGBT community did not expect us to let go of our firm belief – based on the Word of God that homosexuality is immorality and thus sin, as much as fornication, lesbianism, bestiality, lying, hatred, etc.

Peace be unto your house as well. I love and live to learn!

Your servant.


Ms901  on December 4, 2010

Great blog, Natasha. I agree that comparing the fight for Blacks with one surrounding sexual preference is not apples and apples. I also agree that accepting a lifestyle of any kind is a choice, and like an opinion everyone has a personal stance on whether or not they subscribe to a particular view. No choice is forced or coerced; that would be an oxymoron of sorts otherwise. Accepting or condoning an alternative lifestyle is not synonymous with allowing people to live and reap whatever consequences or advantages they may. That’s merely giving way to one’s prerogative.

I have friends who are homosexual. They are extremely kind and fun. We get along. However, they are not flambouant. They do not act like women, but instead men (albeit with some soft qualities) who happen to like other men. They also do not flaunt their lifestyle overtly in my face, and the opposite is also true for me. They do not attempt to put their views on me. I equate this with your statement regarding “staying in the other lane.”

While I treat them respectfully, I do stand on what the Bible says about the subject of homosexuality and unnatural affection. If the Lord does not condone it, then I accept and adhere to that. I don’t have to go into detail as to what and why, as the scriptures spell this out. We can “love the gay babies,” but hate the sin. By the same token, He also speaks about perverted and/or sexual sins of STRAIGHT people. Again, I have to defer to what the Lord says as it applies to me as a heterosexual also.

As it relates to championing rights, I feel that color/race cannot be changed (civil rights), the gender cannot be altered [prior to birth] (women’s rights), and kids have no voice that can withstand that of an adult in most cases (children’s rights, e.g., neglect, abuse, etc.). These are rights surrounding circumstances where there is little to no choice in the “hand played.” Sexual activity [of any kind] is a choice.

What will be next, people who believe in co-mating with children wanting rights because it is deemed as love between two people? Although this scenario sounds farfetched and deplorable, it is a thought given that rights historically not sought after and/or are not socially acceptable across the board NOW exist.

I deem gay rights as special rights, for lack of a better term. By one definition, special means: “Surpassing what is common or usual; exceptional.” To put it in perspective, there is nothing special or uncommon about, say, fighting to be able to drink from a public water fountain as a Black or other person of color. Or how about the example of receiving equal pay for equal work as a woman vs. a male? Wanting rights based on sexual preference/activity it totally different. Note that RIGHTS is not the same as receiving plain ole humane respect and courtesy. That I do agree should be given to all upstanding people.

There are many other things to say on this, but I think the gist is pretty much evident on my stance. Thank you for the blog on this interesting, controversial and sensitive subject. Note that this is one view. So readers, please take it as such.


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Founder  on March 2, 2011

I certainly appreciate you stopping by, please tell others…as long as there is no cure, there will be NO silence…AIDS still kills!


Founder  on March 2, 2011

Thank you for the kind words, I truly am thankful for the opportunity to warn and inform…we cannot stop writing, talking, screaming about this virus and the disproportionate infection rates in the African American community. The house is on fire and my brothers, my sisters, my people are stuck inside!


Jase  on June 13, 2011

I’m not easily imprsseed. . . but that’s impressing me! 🙂


Dillian  on June 15, 2011

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Founder  on June 15, 2011

Thanks…I think, I did the best I could on the graphics…refer me to a better site if you have one!


Dianita  on October 21, 2012

I do not feel that everything has to be chanegd in order to support civil actions. Burt and Ernie are puppets as it has been stated by Sesame Street. Thiey are designed for children to see them as non descript. There is no relationship or connection to race, color or creed. They are perceived as male and that is their only human characteristic. There is no reason to expand on their character. The show, Sesame Street, was created approximately 40 years ago and it has maintained a clear, nonbias , non controversial image withstanding critical issues in society. It is timeless. I feel we should help it remain as non bias as it has always been without changing these two characters. Other characters may be created if the show feels the need. They are masterful at teaching children values and respect for all people. Keep up the good work Sesame Street.


Founder  on December 7, 2012

I LOVE SESAME STREET. It was my show of choice as a child and remains my choice for my children. The topic of civil rights is very sensitive because so much of its historicity is entangled with the struggle for African Americans to have basic, human rights in America. Therefore, any connection or use of the term “civil rights” by other groups may be characterized as high-jacked. I may be off, but it is my opinion, that when you are affected by something that you cannot change or hide, that is both natural and ethnic, both genetic (related to gen-o-type), and phenotype, and that THING causes you a problem in life resulting in a loss of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and the perpetrator is discriminating against you for those very unchangeable factors…then your your civil rights are being violated. I don’t know if being gay falls into each of those categories, although scientist’s in some genres are working feverishly to confirm a gay gene. I do not recall generations of gay people being lynched, hosed, bitten by dogs and beaten in the streets, or refused bathrooms, the right to vote, work, or have relationships with their children by separating them at birth. A comparison between the struggle for equity for gays and blacks should not be a comparison. Four hundred years of slavery in addition to Jim Crow and continued discrimination to this day overshadows other claims of discrimination in America. But that’s just history. I say let every man be fully persuaded in his/her own mind…and let God be the judge of us all.


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Jhey  on October 16, 2015

Its about equal rights now,and we sholud accept them.Oh really? Not me! A week ago our city had the Gay Pride march as they do every year.The event is always mentioned on our local news and photos printed in the newspaper.Now the way its portrayed in the media like its some family event.All these smiley faces,people dressing up,music played,people dancing and prancing along through the streets.Its far from a family event.Its nothing more than a bunch of gays dressing up in kinky gear and advertising gay sex.Nothing more.I actually think its offensive and children sholudn’t be allowed to see such things.Why is it allowed?


Mariam  on October 16, 2015

Why does the straight cmutonimy think everyone has to accept their way of living? Some gay people, might find it strange that you are attracted to someone of the same sex. Stop judging them. If people say they don’t support gay people, many times they don’t have valid reasons to back it up. People are ridiculing and giving them grief EVERYDAY of their lives. When is enough going to be enough? You should be attacked, everyone deserves to have a preference. It is not fair that just because they have different views, and prefer the same gender as them, they should be hated on.


Founder  on December 14, 2015

Every human being has the same POWER OF CHOICE, therefore, it is an inherent right of both straight and gay people to believe and live as they please. Whether it is right or wrong each person is responsible for their actions. Everybody wants freedom, many do not want to live with the repercussions of their decisions made as a result of freedom. No one has to accept anyone’s way of living actually. As free moral agents we are empowered to make personal choices. But we must also live with those choices.


Founder  on December 14, 2015

Home of the FREE and the brave (emphasis on free). America has an OPEN policy on lifestyle and sexuality within the constraints of the law. I may not agree with the new laws related to alternative lifestyles, but I am not the judge of the universe. When the laws of the land violate your conscience you are compelled to remain true to what you believe as much as other people hold true to what they believe. Turn off your television and do not allow your children to watch if you find it offensive – you are also FREE to choose. Remember, you still have the equal right to NOT participate, that has not changed.


Coengkring  on December 25, 2015

Some of them take that personally.. like a pre-judgement on their own chcaarter.I think anyone would.Any sort of I don’t agree with ____ aspect of your life And that depends on the individual whether or not they’re attacking you.Oftentimes it may just be defensiveness or indifference.My sister is a lesbian and she and her gf and I have talked about this ourselves. for THEM (not speaking for all homosexuals), they just want to be accepted as individuals and people. They’re fine and even empathatize if people don’t agree with their sexuality, but they just dont want to be pre-judged


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Founder  on April 19, 2016

I think the bigger controversy surrounds the legislation of bedroom activity and the shifting of laws in favor of the LGBTQ community and against people whose religious and spiritual beliefs set them at odds with the belief system of the LGBTQ community. Essentially, we all have the right to love whoever we want to love and to indulge in our personal sexual proclivities; the consequences of those choices is not always so cut and dry.


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