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Low Down or Down Low, Bruthah’s (Wolves) In Sheep & MSM Clothing

Posted on November 22, 2010, by , under editorial solutions publishing.

Til’ death do us part, so goes the ubiquitous line in the marriage vow. But why does it really have to be death that breaks us apart. AIDS is killing African American women at a disproportionate rate…15 times more than our white female counterparts to be exact.1  Many people are beginning to think it is because of black men, (who are fearful of coming out of the closet), choosing rather to play the role as straight, while creeping on the “down low.” Of course, these are just behind closed doors discussions, however, the numbers in the light of day do not lie. According to the CDC, “In 2006, black men [who were having sex with men] accounted for 63% of new infections among black men…”²  For those who do not recognize the acronym or terminology, men who have sex with one another, sometimes refer to themselves as, MSM or Men who have Sex with Men, rather than gay. If you saw the movie For Colored Girls, Janet Jackson’s mate disclosed that he was a man who enjoyed having sex with other men, but of course, he did not consider himself gay…Most Sistah’s I know, would disagree – we typically believe if you are a man who has sex with a man – YOU ARE GAY! Why all the new names anyway to cloak homosexual activities. I think it is a product of shame. When you are ashamed you hide, cover, cloak, deceive and pretend. Bruthuh’s who are hiding, covering, cloaking, deceiving and pretending to be straight when they are gay are killing black women – emotionally and in many cases literally. As loyal as we have been to you in spite of our troubled historicity in America, you should be ashamed to be a coward. We endured slavery with you, cruel raping and sadistic beatings beside you, marched with you in the civil rights movement, praised you when the world use your backs for concrete, raised you as single mothers – but managed to produce football players (like Curtis Martin) and surgeons (like Ben Carson)…you should be ashamed to put your private parts in both the sacred place of a woman and the abominable place of a man. Kudos to Oprah for allowing men who have been molested to come out on her show…what an opportunity to disclose and shake off the shame. But I’m just one voice crying out in the wilderness…make the crooked straight, bring the high low…and expose the down low…Bruthah’s come out of the closet if you are in hiding… especially if you are hiding in a Sistah’s bed!

1 CDC reference HIV Among African Americans”

²CDC reference and link to “HIV Among African Americans”


Endangered Species: The Youth In America

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I am disgusted. I still don’t hear much about HIV/AIDS in America given the statistics, meanwhile back at the farm (the funny farm, also called Holly-weird) sex rules the day, drugs are glorified, the church is vilified, and most of us still can’t decide which side of the fence we are on! I’m not hating on the film industry, I’m just wondering when Christians will get as serious about what we believe as they are about what they believe. If we say we believe in the Word of God, sex within marriage is what the Bible promotes as God’s Plan. Get with the program, say it loud and say it proud…abstinence needs to be promoted in the homes and churches, and the communities and schools need to embrace a direct, but wholesome discussion about sex all across America. I know we are in a financial melt-down and grant funding has gotten scarce, but the rate of HIV infections will probably significantly increase with the increase of meth and crack users, imagine how much money you will need for drug and HIV intervention. Not to mention the prisons are filled to capacity with many people who need treatment and HIV education. By Any Means Necessary we need to reach the youth, but until we collectively take this crisis seriously…I remain disgusted!