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Endangered Species: The Youth In America

Posted on October 9, 2010, by , under blog talk radio, Book reviews, sex and the saints, HIV/AIDS, commentary on the news, world events, editorial solutions publishing, Natasha David-Walker, Phhealthed, sex and the saints, talking to tasha radio show, Video & Podcast.


I am disgusted. I still don’t hear much about HIV/AIDS in America given the statistics, meanwhile back at the farm (the funny farm, also called Holly-weird) sex rules the day, drugs are glorified, the church is vilified, and most of us still can’t decide which side of the fence we are on! I’m not hating on the film industry, I’m just wondering when Christians will get as serious about what we believe as they are about what they believe. If we say we believe in the Word of God, sex within marriage is what the Bible promotes as God’s Plan. Get with the program, say it loud and say it proud…abstinence needs to be promoted in the homes and churches, and the communities and schools need to embrace a direct, but wholesome discussion about sex all across America. I know we are in a financial melt-down and grant funding has gotten scarce, but the rate of HIV infections will probably significantly increase with the increase of meth and crack users, imagine how much money you will need for drug and HIV intervention. Not to mention the prisons are filled to capacity with many people who need treatment and HIV education. By Any Means Necessary we need to reach the youth, but until we collectively take this crisis seriously…I remain disgusted!