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Thank you for your interest in  Living Light Ministries Inc. &  Public Health-Health Education/phHE

At Living Light Ministries (LLM) Inc. & Public Health-Health Education/phHE, we are committed to promoting health and wellness for the general public, including churches and civic groups, schools, individuals and community-based organizations.

For more than 15 years LLM has collaborated with community-based organizations, after-school programs, and juvenile corrections to provide services for youth such as drug awareness, HIV education, and Life-style-turn-around techniques. We are vetted and highly recommended by EVERY agency we have partnered with to strengthen and motivate the next generation.

Our focus on peer mentoring to combat peer pressure and the inclusion of  hip-hop culture to reach the youth is documented in the Executive Director’s thesis and research entitled, “The Dynamics of Discourse in the Epidemic of AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases: A Comparative Analysis of Writing in Healthcare Documents.”

Our program incorporates universal principles of spirituality, current cultural trends, history, and health in practical sessions aimed at fostering abundant living and academic excellence. In secular, non-religious settings we also offer counseling, training and public health education without proselytizing, but with the same import, urgency and  persuasiveness.

Wherever you may be on your spiritual or secular path, at Living Light Ministries Inc. & Public Health-Health Education, you will find a supportive ministry, with training sessions that are creative, open, and entertaining while you learn how to become a healthier, happier, and better you.

While we emphasize overall holistic health and wellness, our areas of specialty are sex education and HIV/AIDS awareness. A dynamic team of world class motivational speakers may be contracted through our organization for your health events and activities, whether secular or religious.

With two varying program approaches, but one common goal, we are striving to educate and empower people, young and old about the seriousness of this public health crisis. We are keeping the balance in health education by standing in the gap, to reach you where you are.

Please contact: Kai Lawrence at 334-737-9726 or email us at houseofdavidinc@gmail.com for speaking engagements and/or training in the form of youth/peer training, seminars, staff training, and personal consultation. We promise, the only disappointment will be a call not made sooner!

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